Making a Difference Through CDI

Increase Revenue

Positively impact both provider and payer issues with excellent clinical documentation. Reduce revenue loss and remove the documentation roadblocks to delivering improved health care services.

Improving Care

Improving patient care and outcomes is at the heart of our mission. Clinical documention that is accurate, complete, clear & comprehensive improves a provider’s ability to deliver better medical care.

Audit Management

Payment denials are commonly due to incomplete or vague medical record documentation. Implicdi will manage audits and prevent denials by ensuring medical record documentation is complete and accurate.

Support Your Team

Today’s provider is faced with an increasingly complicated health care system that can dehumanize the delivery of care. We focus on documentation so physicians can focus on patient care and the practice of medicine.

Implicdi = Superior CDI

Improved CDI means improved value, clarity in delivery and integrity for payers, providers and patients. 

We solve complex revenue cycle challenges relating to poor documentation and we understand how superior documentation leads to improved patient care and health outcomes.


Solving Complex Revenue Cycle Challenges

Poor documentation can impact not only revenue but patient care. Implicdi combines high-end CDI expertise with experienced MD executives and reviewers who partner with hospitals to improve care and maximize provider revenue.

Our unique, collaborative CDI team has clinical patient care experience and payer compliance  expertise. With Implicdi, a board certified physician reviews every claim.     

Implicdi is not just proficient in reviewing the medical record, we are experts in understanding both the clinical situation and the coding issues.

We understand how superior documentation leads to improved patient care and health outcomes. 


Working Together to Improve Health Care


    Clinical Documentation Integrity
    Improving patient care and outcomes by maximizing provider revenue through comprehensive clinical documentation.


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